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What is LIFT

LIFT establishes a public-private partnership company - a LIFTCo - which works with local organisations to provide bespoke, tailor-made facilities.

The LIFTCo is formed from three groups:


  • local public sector health and care organisations (including local authorities)

  • the selected private sector organisation

  • and Community Health Partnerships

A Strategic Partnering Board, including all key local health and social care organisations, is established to collate the service requirements of all local providers. The Board plans and then delivers an integrated service strategy.


The LIFT model allows a range of buildings to be procured, from small GP practices to one stop centres to community hospitals and multi-million pound, multiple agencies, health and social care centres.


LIFT assets are owned by the public-private partnerships, run by the LIFTCo and leased/rented to service providers. This frees up the public sector to concentrate on service strategy and commissioning. The public sector, however, still has a 40% stake in the ownership of the assets through its shareholding in LIFTCo. So the assets are, therefore, NOT exclusively owned by the private sector.

Glass Buildings

The LIFT Council

The LIFT Council is the representative body for groups within the Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) Community

Since its inception in 2005, The LIFT Council has acted as a forum for discussion and debate among members, highlighted the most relevant market and policy developments, and represented the LIFT community by providing a mouthpiece for communication with both the Government and the media - developing along the way a formidable profile within the public policy arena.


Over the last few years The LIFT Council membership has evolved to become a champion for innovation and efficiency savings through the LIFT programme. The membership actively shares best practice and identifies areas for improvement for the benefit of public sector partners.


The LIFT initiative was itself founded in 2000 as a vehicle for partnership between the public and private sectors for regeneration and the development of facilities for primary care and community services that would best meet the needs of local populations.


The LIFT initiative provides public sector organisations with the means to upgrade existing facilities, and where necessary to develop entirely new premises and estates.


Under the LIFT structure, LIFT facilities are refurbished or built and maintained by a local LIFT company (LIFTCo) - a joint venture between the public and private sectors that has the responsibility for leasing facilities back to the Primary Care Trust and maintaining the premises over the long-term.


LIFT is a proven value for money vehicle which can help to overcome some of the practical estate issues which prevent local stakeholders joining together to meet the needs of the local community by accommodating multiple services, not necessarily limited to healthcare, under one roof.


Rather than looking for alternative modes of delivery, most local authorities in England are able to engage with their LIFT partners to make full use of this proven and successful model and save expensive additional procurement costs.

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